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2010 Dictionary Australian Artists UNSW Banalities for The Barricades Unrealised Projects Vol.3 Silent Spaces Macquarie University Gallery, Pornotopias Litteraria Pragensia Nathaniel Tarn Jacket 39 2009 SLOT Art Monthly 91
An Index of Kindness Dougal Phillips The Narrows Un-kindness of Ravens Gertrude Street Cache Gary Sangster Viscopy (un)Coverings: art, writing and the book Anna Gibbs Harmonic Temors Gasworks Euphemisms Newsletter No.27 Institute Postcolonial Studies Vol.29.2 Haema Sivinasen Artlink Cadences Yugi Sone Macquarie University Gallery Avoiding Myth & Message Glenn Barkley MCA 2008 Euphemisms Newsletter No.26 Institute Postcolonial Studies Transgression, Translation, Transcription Keith Gallasch Real-Time 2008 Dark Writing: Geography Performance Design Paul Carter University of Hawaii Press Signals-Diversions of Ruark Lewis Vsevolod Vlaskine 2007 Art & America Lilly Wei  Run Artists Run Asialink cata Dougal Philips interview  Jacket Astrid Lorange 2006 Eyeline Reuben Keehan  Biennale of Sydney cata. Diane Losche  Lino Diane Losche interview  The Program Lisa Greenaway interview  Cones of Zontact Sophie Coombs interview 2005 ANTHOLOGY ed. MOP Interesting Times Alex Selenitsch MCA catalogue   Sydney Morning Herald Peter McCullum Sept 12 2003 Days in White Ingeborg Bachmann (trans. Angelika Fremd)  Five Island Press RAFT documentary ZDF TV Berlin (dir. Frank Vorphal) transmitted Germany Switzerland Austria France Ireland 2002 Art & Australia Vol.40.3 Rachel Kent 2001 Eyeline Cassie Plate  False Narratives NMA Publications 2000 Australian Architecture Now Chris Johnson Thames & Hudson 1999 Depth of Translation – The Book of Raft (with Paul Carter) NMA Publications 1998 Untitled Eat Carpet SBS TV 1997 Just for Nothing (with Nathalie Sarraute) Barbarism & Monograph Press Spatial Issue New Literature Review No.34 ed. Probyn, F & Paull, J 1990 TE AR IL EVE ND Monograph Press