2010 Some Enchanted Evenings Scotia Plaza Toronto Silent Spaces Macquarie University Gallery Sydney Radical Printmaking Cross Arts Projects Sydney Project 57 SNO Living Deadly Monash Gallery of Art Melbourne SNO Gallery 9 Sydney UND9 Schwartz Gallery LondonĀ  In My Empty House University of Technology Auckland

2009 Viscopy Sydney Carriageworks Sydney SLOT Sydney Housing The Seafaring Nation National Trust Sydney Peleton Sydney Avoiding Myth & Message MCA Sydney Cadences Macquarie University Sydney HOMELESSNESS Peleton Sydney SNO Sydney An Index of Kindness The Narrows Melbourne Just for Nothing Horus & Deloris Sydney

2008 International Electroacoustic & Polymedia Art Festival Guarnerius Center of Arts Belgrade (with Rainer Linz) The Archive Johan Deumens Gallery Haarlem Freestyle Books

2008 Freestyle Books State Library Queensland Big Fag Press@Sydney Sydney An Index for the Homeless MOP Sydney An Index of Kindness Chalkhorse Sydney GO-HOME Squat-Fest Sydney Project 39 SNO Sydney An Index of Kindness (out-of-gallery) project National Trust of Australia Sydney Rubik Charles Nodrum Gallery Melbourne

2007 Match-box Gosford Regional Gallery Art Environment Activism Cambelltown Regional Gallery History Lesson No.2 Noreen Graham Gallery Brisbane Silence SNO Sydney Banalities for the Perfect House SLOT Sydney An Index of Kindness Post-Museum Singapore (with Jonathan Jones) Our Lucky Country Hazelhurst Regional Gallery Open Letter Loose Projects Sydney Artists-Books Centre Pompidou Artists-Books International Editions/Artists’ Books Fair ’07 NYC Riotous Suburbs Cross Arts Projects Sydney Homeland Illuminations I Macquarie University Homeland Illuminations II Carriageworks Sydney

2006 Biennale of Sydney MCA Recent Acquisitions MCA Sydney False Narratives Die Schachtel Gallery Milan Transcriptions Charles Nodrum Gallery Melbourne Shipping Tales Johan Deumens Haarlem Shipping Tales Ocular Lab Melbourne This Lucky Country Hazelhurst Regional Gallery Artlanguage:Every Publishable Place Cross Arts Projects Sydney (curator) Dobell Drawing Prize Art Gallery of NSW Editions/Artists’ Books Fair ’06 NYC, Abstraction 5 Charles Nodrum Gallery Melbourne

2005 Banalities for Babel MOP Projects Sydney Banalities for the Perfect House The Performance Space Sydney Interesting Times MCA Sydney SNO, Sydney

2004 False Narratives Room 103 Auckland Organization for Cultural Exchange and Disagreement Western Front Vancouver & West Space Melbourne Banalities Sydney Olympic Park

2003 The Silhouettes Art Gallery South Australia Banalities Adelaide Project Space Fales Narratives RMIT Melbourne(with Rainer Linz) BanalitiesRoom 101 Auckland Catscradle CLUBSproject.inc Melbourne (with Richard Rataczjk & Jonathan Jones)

2002 Transcription, Araluen Arts Centre Alice Springs Conny Dietzschold Gallery Sydney & Cologne Just for Nothing Plimsoll Gallery Hobart

2001 MERZ Transcriptions BLAUGRAU Reckonings The Performance Space Raft Sprengel Museum Hannover New Work Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide Just for Nothing RMIT Gallery Melbourne Just for Nothing Wollonggong City Gallery

2000 Relay Sydney Olympic Arts Festival Water Drawings Watch-This-Space Gallery Alice Springs Just for Nothing Sarah Cottier Gallery Sydney Raft Angel Row Gallery Nottingham Raft Mappin Gallery Sheffield

1999 Transcriptions Richard Salmon Gallery London Raft IKON Gallery Birmingham

1997 Catscradle for Alice Springs Watch-this-Space Gallery Alice Springs Raft Art Gallery of South Australia Adelaide

1996 Palimpsest Artspace Canberra Contemporary Arts Space + Canberra School of Art RMIT Storey Hall Raft Ian Potter Gallery Melbourne University

1995 Raft Institute of Modern Art Brisbane Raft Art Gallery of New South Wales

1993 Liberation Gallerie Mar Estrada Verona Festival Mallorca

1992 Transcription Drawin, International Festival, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Melbourne Contemporary Australian Drawing Art Gallery of New South Wales, Nolan Gallery, Campbelltown City Art Gallery, Tweed River Regional Art Gallery

1989 Transcription Drawings Syme Dodson Gallery Sydney

1987 Transcription Drawings King Street Studios Sydney